Friday, July 2, 2010


Sometimes I get scared... doubtful really, that despite my prayer on the subject that I may be wasting my time... that I won't finish Midwifery School almost as surely as I've failed to finish most everything else.

But then I remember that I've prayed on it... repeatedly. When I was just working on getting in, I prayed again and again that I would take The Universe's word for it, this one shot- if The Universe wanted me to be a midwife, I would get in... If that wasn't the path I was meant to be on, I wouldn't get in... and I got in.

I think my big problem is all the challenges and barriers I'm facing now. Get the money, get the license, get the car... It seems like so many of these things are so dependent on others that it gets frustrating as the days go by. I owe someone $220 dollars right now... but I need another $500 just to start classes and be prepared... nevermind the license, the car, and food.

I know the phrase “If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it.” I keep reminding myself of that when finances seem particularly tight. This is my challenge, and I need to remind myself that the roadblocks I'll face two years down the road are not important right this second when I'm worried about having food in my stomach come August, or a way to get to school.

Focus on the challenges faced today. Worry about tomorrow when today is over and you've found your solutions.

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