Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adventures on Babble

for my upcoming interview, I decided to do a little research about how mothers feel about their births. the striking differences were amazing to me.
I want to be clear, for the majority of this blog, that I am becoming a midwife, not so that I can judge other women for their births, but so that I can help in providing women with a choice- the choice to give birth how they want to- and truly natural births just don't happen anymore.
one of the defining moments in my journey to this place was hearing horror story after horror story from the mothers in my life about their birth experiences.
My mother pushed with me (just pushed) for 6 hours before I went into fetal distress and was delivered by Emergency C-Section. my younger brothers were also delivered by C-section. as it turned out, my mother had a tilted pelvis which prevents her from delivering a baby over 5 lbs.
my cousin Kristen, a juvenile Diabetic, had a doctor FORCE her into an epidural (telling her she couldn't safely deliver her son via C-section under general)... but first tried to convince her husband to gang up on her with him, because she "had" to consent to the epidural first.
My best friend, Heather, threatened to barricade herself in her hospital room after a nurse came to give her pitocin without her consent- she delivered a healthy 6lb boy just an hour later, without any form of intervention, going from 3-10 centimeters in 30 minutes.

women have a choice to abort their baby, and they should have a choice to deliver their children in any safe way possible... my Mother should have had a scheduled C-section in advanced. Kristen should have been put under. Heather should have been left the hell alone.

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