Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Got in!

so It's official. I got into Birthwise School of Midwifery!

I have a long hard road ahead of me, but of course, I've decided to stress over one of the smaller things possible: The Cats.
When I moved into my grandmother's basement a little over a year ago, I brought my 4 month old kitten, Metallica, with me. Over the last year, Tally and my grandmother's male cat, Avery, who is 8, have become fast friends.
When school starts in the fall, I have two options- Take Metallica with me and live off campus, or leave her here and live on campus.

I got Metallica when I was at the end of a very volatile relationship- she saved me. Now, as I'm about to go into what may well be the hardest three years of my life, I don't want to leave her behind. I need her... but I'm afraid she and Avery will get depressed if they are separated longer than overnight (which is normal).

so what do I do?

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